IoT and Environmental Science

Our feature this week is an interview by Amit Chopra who talked to Gordon Blair on IoT and environmental science. Jumps: 00:10 Intro 00:32 News 00:32 Brainwave Authentication 02:14 Quiz Questions 03:18 Interview 03:18 Introduction 03:40 How did you start off working on Distributed Systems?… Continue Reading

Machines of loving grace

Our feature this week is an interview with Nicholas Hart talked who’s talking to Julie McCann about sensor networks. Jumps: 00:10 Intro 00:31 News 00:31 Pattern Lock can break in less than 5 attempts 01:37 Transparency and Trust in the Cognitive Era… Continue Reading

Dart’s Past, Present, and Future

Welcome to the first December episode of CompuCast! We have prepared for you a questionable news segment, followed by our main feature. There, Stan interviews Dan Grove and Kasper Lund about the past, present, and future of the Dart programming language. Of course, Compucast wouldn’t… Continue Reading

Machine Learning for Humans

Welcome to the first November episode of CompuCast! Our main feature is a very interesting interview with Rebecca Fiebrink from Goldsmiths, University of London. We discuss about how Machine Learning can help humans create Art and better Human-Computer Interfaces. And as always,… Continue Reading

Cognitive Integration

The second October Episode of Compucast is here! In this episode, Nicholas Hart interviews Jose Principe, from the University of Florida, on the Cognitive Integration of Prosthetic Devices. And, of course, we bring you the latest news and our monthly… Continue Reading

Supercloud, Time, and Wireless Datacenter

October has been slow, and we’ve been slow with it. But the wait is over! The first of the October episodes is out! This time, Sylvain Frey talks to Hakim Weatherspoon from Cornell University about the supercloud, time synchronization, and the wireless datacenter experiment.… Continue Reading

Robot Wars!

Welcome to the second September episode of CompuCast! This time, we have a very interesting interview with Sethu Vijayakumar from the University of Edinburgh. We talk about Robot Wars, his role as a judge, and his work on Robotics. And as… Continue Reading

To Go Big, You Have To Think Small

Welcome to the first September episode of Compucast! In this episode we bring you the latest news, an exciting quiz, and an interview with Boris Grot, from the University of Edinburgh, about novel architectures for warehouse-scale computers. Jumps: 00:12 Intro 01:04… Continue Reading